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IP Asset Management & Operations

The Givers not only analyzes and operates music rights in Korea, but also in various countries or regions across the globe with a focus in the U.S. In addition to proven hits in the global music market, The Givers seeks to purchase under-managed catalogs and optimize the underperforming assets through its innovative technology combined with years of experience and know-how. 


Furthermore, Vezt Asia-Pacific provides the best environment for artists and fans to establish a special and meaningful relationship by bridging the gap between the two through its interactive platform.

Content Development

The Givers participates in the development and production of music, media, digital content, branding, live performances, and many more with the best experts in their respective fields.

비즈니스 회의


With extensive background and expertise in the field of music, media and entertainment, The Givers helps companies and individuals to adapt to rapidly changing industry and successfully execute businesses.


Artist Management

The Givers runs an independent record label, providing artist management and branding services based on its in-depth experience and extensive background in the field of music, media and entertainment in Korea and abroad.

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