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Again my life, Pt. 2 - Single






Bring It On


Bring It On (Inst.)

<SBS 드라마 “어게인 마이 라이프” OST Part.2 손승연 “Bring It On”>

치열한 세상 속 악에 맞서 싸워 절대 물러서지 않아! “Bring It On”

Executive Producer by Studio M-Lab
Music Produced by Suho Bae

Lyrics by 킨지엄, 박다은
Composed by 킨지엄, 박다은
Arranged by 킨지엄, 박다은

Guitar by 방인재
Keyboard by 킨지엄, 박다은
Bass & Drum by 킨지엄
String by 킨지엄, 박다은
MiDi Programing by 킨지엄

Recorded by 김태현 @ Studio M-Lab
Digital Edited by 오성근 @ Studio T

Mixed by 김태현 @ Studio M-Lab
Mastered by 김태현 @ Studio M-Lab

Music Published by Music Cube, Inc. / peermusic

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